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Gina E. (May 24, 2015)


"I purchased the Vida Hair Kit and started using it this year in February. Last year I developed alopecia areata and lost a patch of hair the size of a quarter, and it kept getting bigger. My homeopath gave me a constitutional remedy and recommended Vida Homeopathy for my hair. I used the shampoo, hair lotion and hair oil as directed and in a couple of weeks I started seeing a very tiny growth of hair in that area. In a month and a half, the patch started filling up, and as of now I can't even tell where the patch was! I am so glad I used this product. I recommend this product to anyone treating hair loss and in my case alopecia areata. Thank you, Dra. Gobetti and your mother for all your research and for developing this natural formula!"


Kyelce Cescato (May 19, 2013)

"I have been using Dr. Margot Gobetti Homeopathy Vida Hair Kit products (shampoo, oral spray, scalp lotion, scalp oil) for about 6 weeks, and the results so far are incredible!! I noticed no more hair loss at all.
I have noticed little hairs re-growing, plus my scalp feels healthier and the texture of my hair thicker and stronger.
I recommend this product, and the best of everything this is a natural solution, no side effects at all. I was tired of trying treatments full of chemicals and artificial products that brings only more damage, harm and allergic reactions to my hair and scalp. So I finally found something that worth at least a try. Thank you, Dra. Margot Gobetti."



"I don't have a problem with hair loss, but all my life I've struggled to add some body to my limp, fine hair. I've looked on with envy at women with long, thick tresses, wishing I had half their luster. Using the Vida Shampoo has been a godsend for me. Even after just a week, I noticed a big difference in my hair. It seemed healthier, with fewer split ends, and it almost glowed with a radiance it has always lacked. It even appeared thicker. It was a noticeable difference that people have been commenting on every day". Read the full review here.



Before & After

30 days of treatment

vida hair treatment - before and after 30 days


Photos were taken every 4 months

vida hair treatment - photos taken every 4 months


6 months of treatment

vida hair treatment - before and after 6 months (woman) vida hair treatment - before and after 6 months (man)


8 months of treatment

vida-hair-treatment-before-and-after-8-months-woman.png vida-hair-treatment-before-and-after-8-months-man.png

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