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When I need to worry about hair loss?

Hair grows an average of 0.5 inches per month. The normal fall of hair strands is of 50 to 100 strains per day, provided that there is good hair growth. You need to start worrying about hair loss if you loose 100 or more hair strains perday, if you have a poor hair growth or if you have dandruff or oily hair.

What are the causes of hair loss?

The hair reflects the health of the organism. The composition of hair can provide information about cellular nutrition and the immune and circulatory systems among others. There are several reasons that can be the cause of hair loss. The most common ones being: nutrient deficiency, stress related, hormonal dysfunctional, skin diseases, viral infection, drugs that are blockers for hypertension and others. The first step is to do a check up with your doctor to be sure that you don't have an internal problem like anemia or thyroid imbalances. There are numerous diseases that the first symptom is hair loss. Vida Hair treatment will help your hair regrow fast. Even after treating an internal factor it may take long to recover your hair. Vida products will accelerate the hair regrowing process.

How the stress affects your Hair?

The stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. The stress consumes our nutrients (vitamins and minerals), reducing the nutrition of the peripheral organs such as skin and hair. Your hair reflects your general health. With the association of internal and external treatment, you can achieve amazing results. Our body is very wise and always nourish the most important organs first. When our body doesn't have enough nutrients for the whole system the nourishment for your hair and skin will be affected.

What are the strengths of Vida Homeopathy Hair treatment?
    • Homeopathy is a 100% natural, safe, and effective.
    • No side effects.
    • No harsh chemical.
    • Fast results.
    • Homeopathy stimulates your own immune system to go back in balance, working from the inside out.
    • The Vida Homeopathy formulas were tested and had been used with great results for more than 25 years.


Does Vida treatment interfere with conventional medicine?

No, homeopathic medicines can be safely taken with the conventional medicines. Homeopathy is very sensitive, we suggest that you take any oral form of homeopathy, away from other medications and meal, like before going to bed or when you wake up, before brushing your teeth.

Are there side effects of homeopathic medicines?

No. Not at all, but if you have any particular question just ask, our Homeopathy doctor will answer all your questions.

When do I start seeing improvement after starting Vida Homeopathy treatment?

Since the hair grows a ½ inch a month, the treatment works in the hair roots to increase circulation and nutrition. There will be still some hair fall in the first 30 days because there was not enough time for the treatment recover all sickness in the roots of your hair. After 8 weeks, you will find that the hair loss decrease dramatically. New hair will grow and the hair strands will grow fast and strong. You will see fast regrow in the areas the you were losing hair recently and the areas that you lost hair a long time ago, will take more time to recover. This happens because the treatment works in the reverse order (less sick roots recover fast). Thus, more you use, more you will see better results.

Is It possible to start using the Vida Hair treatment to prevent hair loss?

Yes, if you have hair loss in your family or a genetic tendency you can use to prevent it. What Vida Hair treatment does is to make your scalp healthy with better nutrition.

Can I use Vida hair shampoo even if I don't have hair problems?

Of course, you can use as an everyday shampoo the only "side effect" is that your hair will grow fast and strong.

It is necessary to buy all 4 products to start the treatment?

Start with Vida Hair Kit it is ideal because you will see fast results. Vida Shampoo is not just to clean your hair but also to stimulates hair grow, treat dandruff and scalp irritation. To have the best results, you should massage the scalp and leave the shampoo for 2 minutes or more, before washed. Vida Hair Lotion complement the action of the shampoo. The lotion should be applied every day to your roots (after you washed your hair, in wet hair or dry hair). The action of the Vida Hair Lotion will keep working in your scalp for a longer time stimulating hair grow. Vida Hair Lotion will not messy your hair. The Vida Hair Oil will nourish your hair and scalp, replenish the nutrients with natural oils that protect the scalp and the hair strands. We recommend applying in the scalp 1x a week, and leave for 40 minutes or more. Vida Hair Oral Spray is a homeopathy composition for internal use that breaks the vicious cycle of stress and hair loss. (Stress = consume your nutrients = less nutrients = increase hair loss = generates + stress). Vida Hair Oral spray alsostrength your immune system to fight Candida and other unwanted bacterias and fungus.

Can I use just 2 products?

Yes, If for any reazon you want to start the treatment with 2 products, we suggest that you choose Vida Hair Shampoo and Vida Hair Lotion.

If your product is so good why the price is not higher?

We choose to go with a fair price, because we want that more people could have the benefits of Vida Homeopathy Hair line.

If you have any other question about Vida Hair treatment or hair problems, contact us, we will be happy to help.

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